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Irrigation Systems

Efficient Irrigation Systems and Services

Drought is the number one enemy of landscapes in North Georgia and throughout Metro Atlanta. Hot summers can create extreme conditions for turf, trees, shrubs and other plants. At Appalachian Landscaping and Lawn Care, we specialize in creating incredibly efficient irrigation systems that rely on the latest technology to effectively deliver vital moisture without wasting water. With the right irrigation system, you can save money and save the planet.

Environmentally Friendly Irrigation Systems

You can protect your landscaping investment with our smart, environmentally friendly irrigation systems. Sophisticated and strategically placed sensors will determine exactly how much water is required and adjust the flow and duration of water delivery accordingly. We use the latest in irrigation controllers and other technology. As a result, your landscape receives maximum exposure with minimal output, which ultimately saves you money on both water and landscaping.

Installing an irrigation system can actually be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than temporary sprinklers. Call Appalachian Landscaping and Lawn Care today to learn more about how our irrigation services can help keep your Raleigh landscape lush and beautiful for less.

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